Farmers markets need farmers of every scale to sell high quality products that they grow and process in Washington State. Successfully selling directly to shoppers has many benefits and requires specialized marketing as well as production skills.

WSFMA’s Support for Farmers

  • Find farmers markets with the WSFMA’s online search. If you want to apply to a market, look for key words such as “vendors,” “how to vend,” “become a vendor” or “join us” on the market’s website. You’ll need the application, deadline, and who to contact with questions.
  • Member markets abide by the “Roots Guidelines” that maintain high vendor standards.
  • Farmer-specific workshops at the annual WSFMA Conference in early February. Scholarships are often available. This is a great way to network with market managers and help markets grow.
  • The WSFMA is the only source of annual statewide farmers market sales data.
  • The WSFMA advocates for policies benefiting farmers markets and their farms at the state and local levels.
  • To build thriving farmers markets and opportunities for farmers, join the WSFMA today.

Recommended Resources

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Updated: 1-13-2017