Membership Criteria

Farm membership is open to any farm growing produce, plants or botanicals, or raising animals for direct sale at farmers markets on land they own, lease or rent in the State of Washington. Farm membership is also open to seafood vendors who are legal residents of Washington State and own, lease, or operate the fishing vessel or parcel of land where the seafood is caught or harvested for direct sale at farmers markets.

WSFMA Farm Members agree to:

  1. Adhere to the Roots Guidelines;
  2. Complete a membership application; and
  3. Pay annual membership dues.

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Farm Member Benefits

Farms are the heart of farmers markets. By joining WSFMA, farm businesses support strong farmers markets and have opportunities to increase direct sales through education, training, networking and advocacy.

Benefits include:

  • Personalized assistance – Help identifying potential farmers market sales venues and processors sourcing product from local producers.
  • Access to farmers market practitioners – A team of WSFMA Board and staff, volunteers, farmer vendors and farmers market managers answers your questions.
  • Training and Education – Annual conference and regional workshops focus on increasing food access and strengthening direct marketing sales.
  • Advocacy – Benefit from WSFMA’s action alerts and work with local and state policy makers and partners on issues that impact farmers markets and direct-marketing farmers.
  • Networking – Access to a large network of farmers markets, farmers, support groups and policy makers all working to help strengthen agriculture, food access and markets.
  • Liability Insurance – Access to affordable, comprehensive general and product liability insurance for farmers market vendors.

See the complete list of Farm Membership Benefits

Membership Dues

2017 Farm Membership Dues Schedule

Farm selling at 0 – 1 farmers markets $35 annual
Farm selling at 2 – 5 farmers markets $50 annual
Farm selling at 6/+ farmers markets $75 annual


Have Questions?

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WSFMA Membership – Leadership for farmers markets and producers

WSFMA’s Farm Membership Program is supported, in part, by a grant from the WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.

Specialty Crop Block Grant Program