How Does Matching Work?

Any shopper who receives federal food benefits in the form of EBT (also known as SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and formerly known as “Food Stamps“) can match their EBT dollars at participating farmers markets across the state of Washington–this means you can get more for your money when using EBT to shop for fresh fruits and veggies! Fresh Bucks is the largest EBT matching program in Washington state, but several markets fund their own EBT matching programs through local partnerships. These programs have names such as Gimme Five, Double Up Bucks, Fresh Match, and more. The map below includes all WA programs that currently operate an EBT matching program. Visit our Local EBT Matching Programs page for a full list of markets in Washington State with local matching programs.

  1. GO: To your participating farmers market information tent or directly to the farmer at a participating farm stand.
  2. SWIPE: Your SNAP/EBT card for whatever amount you would like to spend at market. You’ll receive EBT tokens to spend with any market vendor selling EBT-eligible foods at a farmers market, or pay directly for your produce with a farm stand farmer.
  3. MATCH: In addition to your EBT tokens, you’ll also receive matching tokens or “bucks” for fruit and vegetable purchases.
  4. SHOP: For fresh produce and more. Spend the tokens with your favorite market farmers.

Learn more about how to start a matching program at your market!

How Much is Matched?

Around the state, matches vary from market to market. Common matches include $2:$2, $2:$5, and $1:$1. For example, at some markets with a $2:$5 match, for every $5 spent in EBT, the market gives an additional $2 to spend on fresh produce. That’s $7 for shopping with every $5 swiped on your EBT card! Not all programs are offered year round, but operate when funds are available to do so.

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Still Have Questions?

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